Romance That Will Set Your World On Fire

Friday, June 4, 2010

I'm about to get EXPOSED!

In a good way, though.

My good friend, Naima Simone, will be featuring me this coming Monday, June 7th on her blog as part of a new venture she's beginning.  What's the venture, you might wonder?  Well, it's simple.  As luck, talent, being in the company of the right people or being in the right place, would have it, she was published about 6 months ago.  My vote is for 'talent'.  All the way, baby!  

And while she's doing well (you should check out her books at Elorra's Cave) she's still close enough to where she started to remember us lowly, desperate, striving UNPUBLISHED authors.

A few weeks ago she approached me about beginning a series of interviews with those of us who are still working to get ourselves recognized--and she wanted ME, little ol' me, to be her first interviewee.  

I'm pumped!!!!

What would make this even better is if my friends who know me and would like to know more about my writing would stop by and say a great big hello.

I just might feel like a celebrity.  LOL

Hope to see you there on Monday!