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Friday, March 26, 2010

Setback or Motivation?

So here it is. My first blog. Well, correction--MY first blog. As in, I've posted to blogs before ('cause really, who hasn't??) but have never created my own. The topic, you ask?

Hot, super yummy djinis I write about, of course! Sprinkled in with excerpts of my manuscripts and the PAAAAAAINFUL journey called Getting Published. On that last note...

I entered the Golden Heart contest put on by RWA (the Romance Writers of America) this past November. A contest put on by a writing organization and judged by its entrants. And guess what? Yep. I didn't final.

So I'm chatting it up with my CP's and bemoaning my writing career in all its unlaunched glory, ready to throw in that typing towel-if only for half a day-when, as expected, they talk me back from the ledge. Thanks girls!! Mwah! and Smooch!<--these are my cyber kisses.

Now it's onward-ho! Today is a new day, work has to be tended to, kids need to be cared for, husband needs to be loved, and pages need to be written. I WILL persevere, I WILL succeed, and I WILL keep on writing.


  1. Whoot! That's the spirit, Lanna Kaye! You WILL succeed. Cool blog, girl. Congrats! :)

  2. And here is one of those CP's I just bragged about. Thanks, Jessica! You're my very first commenter!!! Loves you much!!

  3. I'm late--but then again, what else is new? I love, love, love the name of the blog! So...uh...when do we get the first excerpt?? LOL!

    I knew you would come back stronger than ever from the inital let down of not finalling. That's just who you are--and why we love you!

    Congrats on the blog!!

  4. Seems I'm two for two! Both my amazing CP's have officially stopped by and left their touch on my blog. Hooray!!

    Naima, I sure plan on being stronger than ever--that's the goal, anyway.

    Lots of love,