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Monday, July 22, 2013

Release Day!

Monday just became a day to look forward to...The Onyx Seeler is released on Amazon! I'll leave it at that...short and sweet.  Here's a brief blurb on the book:

One Djinn warrior, intent on saving a handful of innocents.  One evil leader of the damned, with a hefty God complex.  One will stop at nothing to save the world, the other will do everything to rule it…
The bottle…
Yanked from a five hundred year prison sentence to rescue a few unwitting pawns in the battle between two Djinn races, Manick of the Krave House has precious little time to reacquaint himself with his powers before chasing down—and saving—a mostly human target.  The problem?  She thinks he’s either a fake or a bottle-dwelling pansy.
Is only a myth.
What can she say?  Raised in the jaded world of Las Vegas with its seen-all, done-all nightlife, it takes a lot to sway Alaiya Lovely.  The guy claiming to be the djini who’ll rescue her from the troubling changes plaguing her life is either too good to be true…or a candidate for the loony bin.
Do you believe?
It’ll take more than a couple of encounters to convince Alaiya she needs to trust him, but Manick has never been accused of giving up on his duty.  Trailing the little minx through bars, strip clubs and brothels, his determination and success is bigger than her resistance.  But to attain the ultimate prize, he must leave his duty behind and sacrifice all he’s ever wanted.

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